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  1. What is it made out of?

It is a resin based material, which is hardened using adhesives.


  1. What can I wear for the scan?

Glasses can not be worn durring a scan. An additional fee of $25 is required if you want to add glasses to the model post processing. 


  1. How long does it take to get a scan?

A scan will not take more then 1 seconds, however we say allow upto 15 minutes so that you can select the best pose.


  1.  Can i purchase the revolving base with it?

Yes, you can purchase it at $15each.


  1.  Is it cheaper to do a family portrait?

Yes, it works out cheaper per person. Please specify the amount of people that will be scanned when placing a booking. A revised quote will be emailed within 2 hours. 

Corporate/University/School scans are offered a larger discount. Please call 1300 788 870 or email info@miniclones.com for a revised quote.


  1. How long will it take to manufacture & distribute?

The clones will take 10-14 working days to print & distribute. International orders please allow an extra 4 days.


  1.  Are they edible?



  1.  What if I do not like the bodies available for me online?

If the bodies online are not suitable, then you need to book a scanning session to use your own body image or, pay an additional fee for us to create a custom body.


  1.  Is there any radiation involved in the scan process?

No radiation is involved. It is a completely safe and non-invasive scan process.


  1. How much is it for the scanning session?

A scanning session is free. You are NOT oblidged to purchase anything even after your scan.


  1. Where are the scans done?

Scan are processed at our Parramatta studio.


  1.  Does it cost more for props?

Yes, additional charge of $25.


  1.  What is the largest sized miniclone you can do?

We can clone at 1:1 ratio. “Your exact size”.


  1.  If I break or lose my miniclone do I have to do a scan again?

No, we securely store your data for up to 10 years. A replacement will cost half the original price.


  1.  Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds after you have approved your 3D rendering.


  1.  Where do I pick up my order and/or how much is it for delivery?

Orders can be picked up from our Parramatta studio or our Blacktown showroom. Standard delivery (approx. 6 days) Australia-wide is $15 & $30 for express (approx. 2 days). International shipping is $30 standard (approx. 1-3 weeks) & $60 express (approx. 1 week).


  1. How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the size of your miniClone.

10cm - $350

15cm - $500

20cm - $750

25cm - $1200

30cm - $1900

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST. Additional fee for delivery.

           We also offer the 3D scan without photo sculpture, this will be charged, regardless of the size of the model, at $200AUD. This includes post-processing after the 3D scanning.


  1. Can I manipulate my clone to look slightly different than myself?

Yes, you can adjust your height, weight, hair colour, eye colour and base colour of your miniClone. This however will incur an additional charge. 


  1. Can you scan families?

Yes. Scanning is done separately then modeled together. Clones can be printed together on the one resin plank or printed individually.


  1. Can you scan babies?

Yes, to create a clone of a baby, you need to book a scanning session. 

  1. Can you scan pets?

‚Äč          Yes, to create a clone of a pet, you need to book a scanning session.






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